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.:*Love Is Tragic*:.

26 May
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- My name is Amber -

- I have blue eyes and red hair that is streaked with blonde highlights -

- I am 5'7" -.

- I hate meat and cheese on my pizza -

- I love beef jerky -

- My birthday is May 26 -

- I am a Gemini -

- I always wear flip flops (except in the winter) -

- I don't like being alone -

- I am in college -

- I am not a virgin -

- I live on Velveeta Mac-N-Cheese, mushrooms, and Chinese food -

- I have been on ONE real date and have been engaged once -

- I hate perverts and annoying people -

- I love drinking Mocha Frappucino -

- I have an obsession with Spongebob Squarepants -

- I have 1 sister -

- I have seen Save The Last Dance and Dirty Dancing more then 60 times -

- I buy a lot of clothes that I will never wear -

- I am right handed -

- I had braces for 3 years and my teeth are still a little crooked -

- I worry about what people think of me -

- I used to play the trumpet, clarinet, and piano -

- I have 1 dog -

- I live at home with my dad and sister (my mother passed away January of 2004) -

- I like to bitch a lot -

- I like helping people with their problems -

- I have an obsession with Paul Walker -

- I'm very shy -

- I have never done drugs -

- I love Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider -

- I love talking on the phone -

- I love little kids -

- I love giving and receiving hugs -

- I love snow and anything cold -

- I love the show Crank Yankers -

- I have been to 5 schools -

- I love beanies -

- I have a strange obsession with buying underwear -

- I can be a bitch or your best friend -

- I hate the feeling of betrayal -

- I hate feeling used -

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Date Created:2004-02-27
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Amber is from Georgia and can be described as shy. She will open up to you only if she knows you well enough. If you're willing to take the time to get to know her, you better be willing to laugh a lot. She wants to travel someday and loves photography. She also has a love for softball, web design, and boys.
Strengths: She is very creative in many ways. She is modest yet open-minded. She loves having fun and making people laugh.
Weaknesses: She can be very stubborn at times and lacks confidence at times as well. She is also hard to please sometimes.
Special Skills: She is superb at softball and is slowly learning how to perfect the art of web design. She is also very good behind a camera.
Weapons: Her weapons of choice are fingernails, teeth, and her amazing wit.
Allies: Her allies are Shaun, Sara, Shannon, Mike, Trey, Liz, Jesy, Ashley, Becky, Steph, Megan, Mandy, Amanda, Henry, Jeff, Leighton, David, Casey, Janelle. Paige, Aaron, Jason, Chris, Jenny, Elary, Keyla, Erica, and Dallas.

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